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The Youth Coalition is committed to ensuring that the voices and experiences of young people inform policy, advocacy and research initiatives. We promote, support, and engage directly with young people on specific issues that affect them. Examples are provided below.

Key Youth Participation & Youth-led Activities

Young People’s Journeys around Mental Health and Medical Services Study (JAMMed) - Longitudinal Qualitative Study

The Youth Coalition is supporting a longitudinal study that will examine young people’s experiences in the ACT mental health system, led by researchers at the ANU. In addition to providing research oversight support, the Youth Coalition established and facilitates a Youth Advisory Group of young people to inform and provide advice on the research methods and data analysis. These young people are engaged to consider how the research will use youth-friendly and appropriate methods to engage with young research participants; and will provide a youth-lens to data analysis and interpretation.

Experiences of young people and parents/carers engaged with CAMHS

In 2023, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services commissioned the Youth Coalition to undertake consultations to (1) better understand the access and engagement experiences of young people and families who have been involved with CAMHS, (2) provide feedback on a brochure related to the new adolescent mental health inpatient unit and (3) the re-location of CAMHS southside.

National Office for Youth: Consultations with young people and the youth sector​

In 2023, the Youth Coalition promoted and supported consultations with young people and the youth sector, to inform the national Office for Youth, which is developing a strategy for engaging with young people in Australia.

Other initiatives​

Other youth participation and youth-led initiatives supported by the Youth Coalition in 2022-23 include:

  • MyDHR Consumer Experience Committee: The Youth Coalition is a member of the MyDHR Consumer Experience Committee, which provides advice to ACT Health on the delivery of MyDHR. In 2023, we advocated for and supported two young people to join the committee to share their perspectives.
  • Youth Lived Experience in the Alliance: In 2022, the OMH&W established a Youth Reference Group. Through our continued work with OMHW and Capital Health Network to develop the ACT Child and Youth Mental Health Sector Alliance, the lead agencies are ensuring that young people with lived experience are provided with opportunities to share their perspectives.
  • Promoting research and participation: The Youth Coalition regularly disseminates research and youth participation opportunities from key stakeholders directly to young people.
  • Venue support to the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN): ASEN is the network of student environment collectives from around Australia building grassroots movements for change.



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