Outstanding Achievement in Youth Participation

YWCA Canberra Clubhouse Youth Activism and Advocacy Project

YWCA Canberra Clubhouse Activism and Advocacy Project is the winner of the “Outstanding Achievement in Youth Participation” Award. Their unwavering commitment to combat homophobia and transphobia in a local high school showcases an exceptional dedication to empowering youth voices and promoting inclusivity.

This project has followed best practice for youth participation by ensuring the 11 voices and goals in the LGBTQIA+ working group were not just heard but actively delivered in a visible and sustainable way. Meeting weekly for several months, participants brainstormed and implemented numerous initiatives to create a more inclusive school culture and improve the mental-health and wellbeing of current and future LGBTQIA+ students.

The Clubhouse’s dedication to working within the school environment, where impact is greatest, is commendable. Calwell High’s executive team, staff, and students’ commitment to this cause, even when others hesitated, reflects their bravery and unwavering focus on wellbeing.

The YWCA Canberra Clubhouse Activism and Advocacy Project embodies true youth participation, translating words into actions that combined education, visual representation, and cultural progress – leading to tangible change. They have not only recognised the importance of youth voices but have also ensured that these voices catalyse positive change and brighter futures for young people.

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