The YEANTA Transitional properties works to support young people to reach their full potential through providing secure and stable longer term accommodation. Oasis Youth Services (The Salvation Army) in partnership with Salvos Housing, and Canberra Youth Residential Services (CYRS) established the Transitional Accommodation Program for young people aged 16 to 25 years. Currently this receives no funding, yet they have come up with innovative solutions in order to provide the program.

Currently in the ACT there is a lack of exit options for young people living in crisis accommodation. The YEAN together with Salvation Army property group identified 3 four bedroom properties owned by the Salvation army that could be used for the program.

In the program young people will be encouraged to:

  • Develop goals that work towards and promote longer term accommodation options
  • Build on current capacities as they relate to independent living and life skill development
  • Identify current barriers that exist that reduce their ability to achieve maximum self- reliance
  • Feel empowered through autonomy of choice and decision making
  • Maintain current employment and education pursuits
  • Improve / Maintain physical and mental health status
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The Youth Coalition of the ACT
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