Youth Coalition Staff Acknowledgment Award

Susan Pellegrino

Susan Pellegrino has been involved in the youth sector over a number of years, and is a long term supporter and collaborator of the work of the Youth Coalition. As part of her role with the CREATE Foundation, Susan supports young people who wish to be advocates on Out of Home Care issues. She has worked closely with the Youth Coalition to connect us with young people who want to engage in our advocacy work, and she provides opportunities for young people to learn and develop their leadership and advocacy skills.

Susan is incredibly insightful and intelligent, and often brings a fresh perspective to a conversation, which has been developed through her authentic engagement with and support of young people. She has a unique depth of knowledge and understanding, and seeks genuine partnerships and opportunities to collaborate. Always at the forefront of her mind is seeking better processes and outcomes for children, young people and families.

Susan genuinely cares about children and young people, and this is evident in the way she interacts with both young people and adults. Whether she is cooking a BBQ while wearing a gorilla costume or speaking in a formal meeting, Susan wears her heart on her sleeve. It is this vulnerability that shows young people that she truly cares for them, and shows the rest of us her passion for improving their lives.

Young people tell us that Susan makes them feel like things really will be ok. When she says that she will be there for them, they know it is true. Susan gives young people hope, and with her seemingly boundless energy she relentlessly pursues positive change and better outcomes to ensure that hope becomes a reality. The Youth Coalition team feel incredibly privileged to work alongside Susan.

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