Lifetime Achievement

Stephen Imrie

Stephen worked with Canberra PCYC for the past 13 years. He started off as a youth worker facilitating programs and then moved his way up the ranks working as the general manager and then executive director, also acting as CEO during transitional times for PCYC. Steve has been responsible for overseeing the programs delivered by PCYC, managing the team, and contributing to the ongoing development of PCYC and the community ventures. Most importantly though, Steve has been a well-loved face of PCYC – known to all in the community sector and to every young person who has come through PCYC.

Every worker has a superpower, Steve’s is his ability to empower. Steve is a compassionate and values-driven mentor who works with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. He has always had a genuine interest in the staff he supports and the young people who enter the doors, going beyond the necessary to encourage growth, confidence, and development.

As manager and director, Steve has invested his time into ensuring the team feels supported and educated to meaningfully engage with our youth. He’s supported the team to access as much training as possible (external and delivered by him) and makes every effort to explore how PCYC can continuously grow and develop to better respond to the community’s needs. Steve has always made time to check in with every staff member, remaining up to date on their life and their wellbeing. Steve is a man guided by his values, who makes everyone he supports feel genuinely valued, respected, and empowered.

Steve has dedicated every Wednesday afternoon for numerous years to running the youth drop-in program, Next Level. This has been important to Steve as it allows him to remain connected to the ground level operations and the families entering the service. Across the day programs, Steve has strived to create opportunities for the participants – taking them out on his boat in summer, teaching past participants how to play the guitar, and being a warm face when they’re overwhelmed and in need of support.

Steve has taken up a new position with Directions ACT but leaves a strong legacy of support and empowerment at PCYC.

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