Highly Commended


Outstanding New Talent

Stacey Bright

Stacey is a Youth Outreach Worker with the Raw Potential Youth Homelessness Program at Woden Community Service. She has worked in the community sector for 18 months, and over that period, Stacey has displayed maturity, commitment, and development beyond her years in the sector. Stacey is deeply passionate about her work and young people. Stacey works every day with complex and diverse young people who require significant and ongoing support that is often intense and challenging. Stacey is able to support these young people because of the way she approaches her role. She does it by building meaningful relationships with young people. Stacey does this by not being their friend or parent but instead building relationships that demonstrate she is a consistent, trusted, and accountable adult in their lives that works with them on their wants, needs, and goals, and will do that at the young person’s pace and in a way that works for them.

Stacey cares deeply about the continual development of herself, the Raw Potential program, her teammates, and the youth sector. Stacey has taken it upon herself to develop her leadership qualities and skills and actively participates in training opportunities, sector forums, and focus groups, as well as taking on additional responsibilities as required such as preparing board reports, planning dental rescue days, and working events and drop-in shifts at Woden Youth Centre.

Stacey does all of the above with a positive attitude and presence. However, like everyone, Stacey has days when things can feel really challenging and positivity can be hard to find, but this is where she really shines, Stacey has the self-awareness and insight to know that those are the days that shape us as Youth Workers and she still shows up, accepts support from her team and meets the young people with a welcoming smile. Stacey is an inspiration to others and a highly valued Youth Worker.

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