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“Raw Connection” Project Woden Community Service

The “Raw Connection” project is a partnership between Raw Potential Canberra and Synergy Group Canberra for the young people in Raw Potential, their friends, and siblings. Raw Connection is a selected fun and engaging day activity, hosted several times a year, that focuses on social engagement, teamwork, and connection and has been specifically created to connect young people who may be facing similar challenges in their young lives and encourage them to step outside their comfort zones and challenge themselves in a safe and supported environment. The activities are designed to be fun and engaging but also formed the foundation to which a deeper level of learning and connection could be established.

The foundation principles included:

Connection to Self

  • Resilience – To develop the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity.
  • Confidence – To feel believe and have faith in relying on your peers and team members, that you will accomplish this together.

Connection to Others

  • Compassion – To care about others, treat people with kindness, and feel a desire to help our peers in need.
  • Social Competence – Respecting and expressing appreciation for others, presenting ideas, listening to other’s ideas, and participating.

This was all achieved through the set activities that included group and team building, mentoring (each other and by adults), sitting and sharing a meal together, sharing fears and successes, affirmations and feedback, and of course challenging themselves, having fun and building memories together. All activities also fostered the need for teamwork and healthy competition.

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