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Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award

Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award

Janine has been involved in the industry for over 5 years, both studying and in the workforce. Janine brings a lifetime of knowledge to her important role at CRS, mediating in the community, as well as public and private sectors. Janine’s efforts and passion for transforming the lives of young Canberrans and their families have recently further increased, as an exemplar contributor and pinnacle member of CRS’ Family Support Program.

There are limited services available for young people, either experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Canberra and the need for experienced practitioners and leading early intervention advocates, just like Janine, is greater than ever.

In 2018, Janine worked for countless struggling families, with a 92% success rate. Janine played and continues to play, a key role in helping young people reconnect to their home base; by facilitating a range of family dispute resolution, mediation and community outreach initiatives. As well as helping youths stay in school, develop heightened self-esteem and open what may have otherwise been closed doors in their future.

Although she is often behind the scenes, her mediation principles and practice ensure young people are heard, feel seen and have a voice.

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