Youth Coalition Staff Public Service Award

Natalie Johnson

Natalie is a Change Leader and Director at the ACT Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing. Over the last four years, she has worked with the youth mental health sector to progress a number of projects that aim to improve system responses and mental health and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people. These have included working collaboratively to progress the ‘Missing Middle’ project to better understand the needs of children and young people with moderate to severe mental health issues; leading the ACT implementation of a youth mental health system modelling tool with the University of Sydney; and supporting the development of the MindMap youth mental health navigation portal. Natalie also supports other community projects, such as participating in a Tuggeranong youth mental health community council initiative, and as a Steering Group member of the JAMMED youth mental health research study.

Natalie’s approach to her work as a public servant is a positive example of how government and community can work together to achieve positive outcomes. Natalie seeks to work collaboratively with others across sectors and the community, developing positive working relationships and partnerships to progress shared goals. She is responsive to feedback – including if it means changing direction – and is open-minded to considering new and different ways of working.

Natalie strongly values and supports hearing the voices of young people with lived experience in all aspects of her work. Her warm and friendly approach, professionalism and leadership has supported the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including young people, as part on an ongoing conversation about youth mental health.

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