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Outstanding Achievement in Youth Participation

Multicultural Hub Canberra Anti-Racism Group

In January 2023, a group of students from a multicultural background requested the formation of an anti-racism group to be able to safely share their experiences and to address racism in the school. Multicultural Hub Canberra was approached to come and help facilitate this group with the students, allow for safe sharing of experiences and to develop strategies to support young people experiencing racism. Over the course of the last 9 months, this weekly group has grown to over 30 young people participating and engaging with the various initiatives and activities including non-multicultural young people who want to create strong allyship for their peers.

Since 2022 young people have been actively disclosing their experiences of racism toMHub, with most of these occurring in schools. This led to key projects in partnership with other agencies to understand the experiences young people are having and working with them to create initiatives to address this.

The Anti-Racism Group being delivered weekly at a local high school has been a key project for Multicultural Hub Canberra. This group was initiated by students, with mHub requested to facilitate and deliver it.

Young people have provided feedback that this group has made them feel safe to share their experiences. It has also demonstrated to them that working together changes can be made, they feel more confident to speak out when they witness or are directly experiencing racism. They were also supported by mHub to find external avenues to make complaints when needed and this group has motivated them to support the junior school to also develop their own anti-racism group.

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