Youth Coalition Staff Acknowledgement Award

Morgan Eddey

Currently the project manager for the Safe and Connected Youth Integrated Service Response, Morgan has worked in the Community Services Directorate since 2007. In that time, she has worked in a number of teams and in diverse roles, from relationship management through to high-level strategy and project leadership roles. Commencing in Child and Youth Protection Services, she has worked in a number of roles since then, including as a relationship manager of the Children, Youth and Family Services and Children Services Programs, where she developed strong relationships with community sector partners. Morgan has also worked in the Industry Development team on the development of the approach to commissioning, and has been a member of the Family Safety team.

In all of these roles she has embodied the values that the YOGIES celebrate, and has time and time again demonstrated her genuine commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people, their families and the community more broadly. Morgan is well known across both government and the community sector for her warm, caring, and positive attitude. Anyone who has worked with Morgan will be sure to tell you about her incredible willingness to help out, teach and support others, even if it means staying back or pausing her own work. She is someone who always has time for others and truly values the people around her.

Morgan embodies the spirit of collaboration and respectful partnerships, and through her work has created stronger, more open and fulfilling relationships between the community sector and government. This has enabled the government and community sector to work closer together, to support so many members of our community.

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