Highly Commended


Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award

Mari Benson

Mari Benson is a Youth Worker at Barnardos ACT Together. She has been working in Out of Home Care for the last 5 years, but it is her role as a mother that gives her the drive and tenacity to manage the high and complex needs of the young people she supports who are in placement. As a Youth Worker and mentor, she brings a dynamic and innovative approach to handling difficult situations, and does so with grace and ease.

Recently Mari took on additional responsibilities, assisting her Team Leader with both the operational and clinical aspects of the every day running of the house. After identifying areas for improvement, she developed a budget, plans, and therapeutic interventions to grow and expand on the existing structure of supports to young people.

Mari has contributed over and above her role, time and time again, to support her team, and is a pillar of strength to those around her. Mari takes new staff members entering the workforce in this sector under her wing. She shares her experiences with others, and teaches everyone a new way of looking at an issue or problem. Her experience and the way she supports her colleagues contributes significantly to the support they provide to young people.

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