Outstanding New Talent

Lisa Tolhurst

Lisa is a case manager for the Anglicare CYCLOPS young carers program. She has demonstrated commitment to young people by organising a young carers group drop-in program; successfully applying for grants for one off events; and devoting time and energy developing a strong network. While many staff have the ability to engage young people, Lisa also demonstrates qualities such as dependability – if Lisa says she is going to do something, she does it, so young people have learned to trust that Lisa will follow through. Lisa is open to feedback, a key trait necessary for professional development.

When Lisa commenced in her role in January 2020, it was like ordering a regular espresso then realising that you’ve got a triple shot! With bucketloads of enthusiasm, Lisa does not grandstand, is the quietest of achievers who just gets on with the job. One example of this is when one young person stopped engaging, Lisa discovered they liked knitting, so Lisa learnt to knit, so she could engage in knitting via zoom.

With Carers ACT Lisa has organised a young carer drop-in group; with St Vincent de Paul and Carers ACT a Christmas party for young carers to socialise and enjoy themselves after being isolated; and organised activities young carers could do at home during COVID restrictions. She has supported clients to get their first job or a promotion, to re-engage with education, and to get a driver’s license. Lisa is a star performer who goes about supporting young people in her quiet but efficient manner, and who has a bright future in the youth sector.

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