Youth Coalition Staff Public Service Award

Kirsten Stafford

Kirsten Stafford is a Senior Manager of Community Teams within CAMHS, and prior to this, worked for several years in the community services sector in youth mental health. Over the last few years within CAMHS, Kirsten has actively worked to build positive and collaborative relationships with individuals and services across the community sector. She makes a valuable contribution through her engagement in a range of sector initiatives, including through supporting the development of the new Child and Youth Mental Health Sector Alliance.

As a key representative of CAMHS, Kirsten has helped to foster a sense of transparency and approachability. Her approach to her work as a public servant demonstrates a commitment to ‘out of the box’ thinking, to trialling new ways of working, and to hearing and taking on feedback, including from young people, in order to improve services for children, young people and families. At the same time, Kirsten is a strong supporter of the busy CAMHS workforce. The Youth Coalition have valued Kirsten’s warm and thoughtful approach to her work, and commitment to working towards improved service responses for children and young people.

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