Outstanding Youth Worker

Jeremy Leala

Jeremy is a Senior Youth Engagement Worker with the Youth Engagement Team at Woden Community Service. Jeremy has been in the role for almost 10 years. The role involves actively engaging with young people who are vulnerable or at risk by addressing those issues that are placing them at risk.

Jeremy has worked with local young people for almost 13 years and has spent 9 of those with the Youth Engagement Team. Jeremy has a very diverse role and performs exceptionally in all areas. Jeremy participates in all aspects of Youth Engagement including running drop-ins, group/program work, school talks and programs, events and school holiday programs and Case Work Support.

Jeremy is passionate about music and successfully secured funding to build a recording studio for local young people which has now been built and is operational. This was after he identified a need for it in the community and worked tirelessly to make it happen for the young people. He is using the space to deliver free music lessons to young people as well as having them record their own music.

Jeremy applies the same beliefs to everything he does. He treats all young people with the utmost respect and truly believes in them and what they can achieve. He is a kind and caring person who will work with any young person in a non-judgemental and strength-based way. His youth work skillset is vast and he is an extremely valuable team member and shares his knowledge and experience with other youth workers. His ability to build meaningful and influential relationships with young people is clearly demonstrated throughout his work and he does this whilst maintaining clear boundaries and professional standards.

Jeremy is liked by all young people who come into contact with him and this is because of his genuine and bubbly personality that makes young people feel welcomed and safe. He is a valuable asset to our sector and to all the young people who get the opportunity to work with him.

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