Lifetime Achievement

Jayson Perrin

Jayson has been a youth worker in the ACT for over 17 years, beginning his career at Youth In The City in 2003, transitioning and naming the new civic Centre CLUB12/25. He was involved in implementing the first central intake system as a point of contact for homelessness and accommodation, naming this service FIRST POINT. Jayson has worked for Anglicare in various different roles in supported accommodation, youth activities and family liaison work, the Junction Youth Health Services, and has worked in partnerships with PCYC and for Oasis Youth Services. Jayson has worked in high schools in public education from 2007 and is currently employed by the Education Directorate. Jayson also sat on the Board of Directors of Canberra Fathers and Children’s Service (CANFaCs) for 10 years 2007-2017.

Jayson has provided opportunities for hundreds of young people in the ACT, and is well known in the Canberra community through his engagements with young people utilising ‘the Purple Bus’, incorporating bike and painting programs, and online through a facebook group, “Hey, that’s my youth worker”.

His work in bike repair, DJing, and painting programs in particular have led to young people not only developing skills and confidence, but also gaining employment in these fields. Jayson has worked on many projects trying to make the transition of community services going into schools a smooth and equitable experience, and his passion still lies in this area.
Jayson has provided many services to the community sector volunteering in his own time, and received the Staff Acknowledgment Award at the 2013 YOGIES in recognition for all the work he had done with the Youth Coalition and for the Youth Sector.

Over the last 17 years Jayson has supported hundreds of young people, as well as providing input and support to other youth workers in the sector. He is a highly valued member of the youth worker community in the ACT.

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