Youth Work Champion

Hayden Page

Hayden Page is the Team Leader of the Youth Engagement Team based at Woden Youth Centre. He is a welcoming personality to every young person who accesses the YET programs, in particular the Drop In space. Hayden is very engaging and inclusive with any activity he is undertaking in the Youth Centre – from basketball or pool to supporting a young person complete their resume or develop a budget. Hayden is very adaptable, and provides a wide range of supports for any young person who accesses the Woden Youth Centre.

He has identified gaps and needs in youth support in the Woden area and implemented programs to fill these gaps. This includes transition programs for students entering high school, as well as developing a weekly support group for young people to do homework, complete resumes and job seeking activities, as well as filling in forms for Centrelink, housing or rental applications, etc.

Hayden is constantly looking for ways to develop and improve his own individual practice through many avenues of his work. He leads and participates in Joint Case Reviews, the CYFSP Practice Framework, and the Youth Worker Practice Network. He has developed and fostered network relationships for collaborative opportunities for events and school holiday programs for young people, and training opportunities for the youth sector and for young people

Over the last ten years has made a significant contribution to the youth sector in the ACT. He is described by his colleagues as the vision caster, and rock of his team. Hayden is also a ‘go to’ person for other youth workers who need ideas, help, feedback or a debrief. His dedication to young people, support of other youth workers, professionalism, integrity, and cheeky sense of humour is well known to many people in the youth and community sector.

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