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Outstanding Contribution to Young People Award

Hamish Guthrie

Hamish has held several roles within the Conflict Resolution Service, including Family Support Coordinator, Program Manager Family Support Program and more recently he has taken over as the Manager, Safe and Connected Youth Program (SACY).

Prior to Hamish joining CRS, he was a tutor working with young people and it was here that Hamish could see how family conflict impacted young people’s ability to concentrate and learn, build social relationships and engage with education or training. Hamish has a passion for working with people who are living in a cycle of conflict, and moved to specialise in the area of relationship breakdown between young people and their families over 4 years ago.

Upon finishing university, Hamish sought a position that looked at alternative, less adversarial ways to manage conflict in young people. Hamish moved into the SACY Program which is designed and targeted to address a known service gap in the ACT with underservicing and lack of support in accommodation for young people under the age of 16. Hamish supports and mentors the therapeutic case workers and mediators involved in the program. He advocates for evidence-based practices of early intervention aimed at improving family functioning and ensuring positive outcomes for young people. Hamish is a point of contact for workers within the youth sector, often providing knowledge on process, specialist advice on communication, relationships, conflict coaching and complex family dynamics. Hamish also uses reflective practices to provide therapeutic case workers with debriefing sessions with him as needed.

Hamish plays a vital role within CRS as well as within the SACY Program. His continuous mentoring and guidance have helped assist and shape the program to ensure that its delivery achieves positive and realistic results. He facilitates the SACY Program while ensuring that each therapeutic case worker is supported within a collaborative and empowering framework. Hamish also convenes weekly assessment meetings and facilitates case reviews ensuring that young people’s needs are being met. Hamish’s ongoing work benefits children, young people, and their families in the community.

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