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Girls Empowered Together program Woden Community Service

The GET program is an early intervention program which aims to help young women build positive self-esteem and self-image, foster resilience, improve emotional and physical wellbeing, maintain positive relationships, and increase the capacity for vulnerable young females to be safe and independent. This was done through providing education on topics surrounding health and wellbeing as well as service visits to show the girls the support services available for them to access in the ACT. They were also taught various techniques and tools to empower them to support themselves and each other when service intervention isn’t necessary. Each week the group covered nine different topics, these topics were; positive self-talk and self-esteem, body image, healthy relationships, sexual Health, AOD, safety and self-defence, anxiety, stress management, destructive & constructive coping strategies and SMART goals. In week ten the girls engaged in reflective conversation and evaluation, and we had graduation ceremony.

The girls in the program were at risk young females, 13- 15 years of age, who reside or attend school in South Canberra. This particular age group enabled the program to be a form of early intervention for young females and attempt to prevent them from becoming disengaged due to matters faced in an education and social setting. The program focuses on educating the young females on issues and topics they face daily both in and out of a school environment, and how they can manage these issues in a way they feel supported and hopefully encouraged to stay in school.

This program was created based on the need for health and wellbeing support and education for young females. This need was demonstrated to YET through the daily interactions they have with vulnerable at risk young women in drop in and case management as well as schools reaching out for support.

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