Geoffrey Sima YMCA Canberra Youth Space

Outstanding New Talent

Geoff is new to the youth sector and in particular working in a drop-in centre environment. Geoff has been a youth worker with YMCA Canberra since February 2019. Since then, Geoff has taken to time to develop his skills, through mentoring with his coordinator, and by asking questions, doing research and taking the time to talk to young people.

Geoff has shown his commitment to his role as a youth worker by putting his hand up to participate in various activities, taking the opportunity to attend training and information sessions, occasionally in his own time to ensure that he is continuously upskilling himself.
Over the last 4 months Geoff has demonstrated confidence in dealing with difficult situations and taking the time to engage with all young people who come to the Youth Space, not just those he has built a rapport with.

In particular, Geoff has recently taken on the role of mentoring a young person who has been having some difficulties. Through this mentoring, the young person has shown a lot more confidence and has started to develop some really positive friendships.

Geoff always brings a lot energy to the Youth Space and while working with the young people, and has helped create an atmosphere of warmth and inclusion for the young people.

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