Youth Coalition Staff Acknowledgment Award

Families ACT

Families ACT are the peak body which aims to represent the interests of children, young people and families and the continuum of services which support them, in the ACT and surrounding region. Families ACT takes a broad view of what constitutes a family, and strives to improve the wellbeing of all families in the ACT and surrounding region. The Youth Coalition staff team unanimously nominated Families ACT for the 2017 Staff Acknowledgement Award in recognition of the expertise they bring to the ACT youth and community sector, and their strong focus on excellence in everything they do.

Families ACT excel in the work they engage in, and have also made a tremendous contribution to broader sector work, through: CYFSP Workforce Development and Practice Leaders, joint advocacy with the sector through budget submissions, delivery of practice framework and case review training. Will Mollison has also co-led Youth Worker Practice Network training sessions focused on self care and reflective practice, contributing to the development of this professional network of frontline youth workers.

In 2017, Families ACT also coordinated a highly insightful and immersive series of talks as part of its Middle Years Forums. With a range of industry and academic leaders invited to speak, the sector has learned more about the needs of children in the ‘middle years’, and the importance of supporting children and families at this stage of their lives.

The Youth Coalition staff team highly values our ongoing partnership with Families ACT, and would like to thank Will and Karen, as well as the Families ACT Board & Advisory Council, for the contribution they make to the youth sector, and the young people and families in the ACT.

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