Outstanding Youth Worker

Eva Gasiewicz

Eva has been a Youth Worker with the Education Directorate for almost 20 years. She delivers a wide range of programs to the students at Gold Creek School and has an excellent network of professional contacts, honed from decades of collaborative practice. Eva has been integral to the development of the Breakfast Club, Young Carers’ Group, Multicultural Groups including the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and Girls’ Boxing (safe and diverse space). Eva’s practice is flexible and she is often called upon to support staff engaging with young people who display risk taking behaviours. Her ability to engage young people extends across race, religion, gender and class. Eva is a wonderful example of Youth Work at its best.

Eva is dedicated to empowering the most vulnerable young people and she provides a safe and respectful environment. Young people trust her and come to her in their time of need. Past students return to school to say hello and give her updates on their lives. In the community, she is greeted by older students who are now parents of teenagers and who remember the kindness she offered them during their own adolescence. Some feedback from young people: “Eva supports students who don’t have food”, “she’s very generous, she’s fun to be around”, Eva’s always so motivated for the students”, “she is inclusive”. Eva is a wonderful youth worker whose passion and care for young people inspires them to become Youth Workers of the future.

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