Dr Louise Stone is a General Practitioner who has worked at The Junction Youth Health Service for about one year. In her role at The Junction she provides specialised mental health support for vulnerable young people. Dr Louise has a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion that she shares with our service and clients. She is a member of the ACT Medical Board, the Deputy Chair of the ACT Health ethics committee, and is a member of the GP Mental Health Standards Collaboration. Vulnerable young people coming to the Junction benefit not only from Louise’s professional skills, but also her warm and empathetic approach to healthcare.

Dr Louise Stone (MBBS BA GDFamMed MPH MQHR PhD FRACGP FACRRM) is a GP who has been working at The Junction Youth Health Service for about a year. Dr Louise has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical field, and a particular passion and focus on mental health. In her time at The Junction, Louise has consistently demonstrated how well she understands the complex and intersectional issues of mental health, physical health, and life circumstances that young people face. Louise is well known for allowing the space and time in a consult to let a young person express themselves and to ask their questions. She understands the barriers that young people face in accessing mental health support, and the many complicated ways that mental health can impact a person’s overall wellbeing.

Young people say Louise regularly focuses on how she takes the time to listen to their experiences and point of view before creating a plan forward. Louise clearly understands that there is no “one size fits all” approach to wellbeing. Louise always seeks collaboration with the Youth Worker team at The Junction to provide more wholistic support for her clients. She provides health education to young people and also with the youth team.

Louise has a knack for making young people feel safe, understood, validated, and supported during a consult. She really cares about health and wellbeing, and has a fierce passion for systemic change behind the scenes. As a General Practitioner, an educator and an advocate, Dr Louise continues to make outstanding contributions to young people.

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