Outstanding Achievement in Youth Participation

Companion House A Celebration of Culture and Respect

Young people participated in workshops over twelve months in which they discussed family violence, gender roles and hopes and messages about respectful relationships.
These were opportunities to share information and listen to young people’s views and experiences. Young people also formed a Youth Advisory Group to help guide the project. While workshops were taking place young people spoke and gave feedback to community members at community events.

The young people then created seven short films for YouTube and six posters to share their views and hopes more widely. A young person filmed and edited these videos with the support of Companion House and input from our Youth Advisory Group.
Since they have been uploaded to YouTube we have shared these videos and posters in classrooms, group discussions and at community events.
Young people from refugee backgrounds have displayed extraordinary eloquence, skill, courage and leadership in creating these videos. Wider community members and community leaders have been able to witness and support young people in this endeavor. The workshops and subsequent videos have provided opportunities for young people to share ideas and solutions and meaningful messages about a very important issue with each other, other young people, their communities and the wider community.

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