Outstanding Youth Worker

Cindylee Young Woden Community Service

Cindylee embodies and demonstrates the characteristic qualities of an Outstanding Youth Worker.

Cindylee demonstrates time and time again of her passion and commitment to young people through the many school groups she has facilitated whereby she teaches the importance of self-care and respect to countless young women, meanwhile building incredible rapport with both teachers, youth workers and department heads throughout the school. Each school group that Cindylee facilitates is guaranteed to have positive feedback from young people and teachers alike, making Cindylee a highly sought after group facilitator. When Cindylee is not rostered on Drop In it is now expected that a young person will come in to the Woden Youth Centre at some point and ask if Cindylee is available to speak with. Whether it is just to say hi, have a laugh with, or to have a more serious conversation.

Cindylee shows her Innovative qualities and passion for Mental Health with her development of now two successful Mental Health Week events and the creation and delivery of the GET (Girls Empowered Together) program. These events and programs create an environment that empower young people with the tools and strategies for coping with stress and anxiety, as well as providing and showing the young people the wide range of support services available to them. The GET Program in particular has received extremely positive feedback from the young women who attend the program, parents of the participants and local government MP’s.

Cindylee is a phenomenal Youth worker, team player and agent of change. She is a strong and respected voice on the Youth Engagement Team and community sector. YET are extremely proud of Cindylee and privileged to have her apart of the Team.

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