Outstanding New Talent

Caitlin Orr

Caitlin is a Therapeutic Case Manager at Conflict Resolution Service within the Safe and Connected Youth Program. Caitlin supports young people to strengthen and re-establish their connection to family, whilst providing a family focused approach to improving family functioning. Caitlin supports families when they are at their most vulnerable and the work she does enables young people to remain living at home when safe to do so. The Program values restoration, reunification and reconciliation.

Caitlin is exceptionally dedicated to improving the well-being of young people and is an inspiring addition to the ACT Youth Sector. Her innovative approach, commitment to young people, and unwavering passion for professional development makes her a standout nominee for this award.

Caitlin’s approach to youth work and support is excellent. She uses a multifaceted approach to provide young people with valuable opportunities to enhance their skillsets and build their capacity to respond to crisis and conflict. Through her work, she empowers young people to develop essential life skills and equips them to face life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Caitlin inspires young people to advocate for themselves and have a greater sense of belonging within their family and community. Caitlin is passionate about delivering psychoeducation and is dedicated to the ongoing learning and growth of the youth and families she supports.

Caitlin is committed to inclusivity and safety. She takes a holistic approach to supporting clients, ensuring all needs across the wellbeing domains are addressed and goes the extra mile to support parents in learning more about the LGBTQI+ community. Her work creates a more understanding and supportive environment for any young person exploring their identity and encourages conversation and understanding between young people and their families. Additionally, Caitlin actively collaborates with other services and colleagues to ensure cultural safety for multicultural and First Nations families, recognising the importance of cultural sensitivity and awareness in her work.

In her short time within the ACT youth sector, Caitlin has already had a profound impact on the well-being of vulnerable young people and families with her enthusiasm, and dedication to young people’s personal development and safety.

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