Youth in the Media

Adam Shirley & Ainslie Macgibbon

Adam Shirley is the ‘Mornings’ presenter on ABC Radio Canberra, and Ainslie Macgibbon is a journalist and part of the production team for ‘Mornings with Adam Shirley’. Together, they have demonstrated skilled and considered engagement with young people, and about issues affecting young people.

Adam and his team have provided thoughtful coverage on issues affecting young people over a number of years, and have worked with the Youth Coalition to highlight issues, such as youth homelessness; lowering the voting age & civic participation for young people; the federal de-funding of national youth week; employment, work experience and exploitation; youth mental health; and income support.

For example, they recently worked closely with the Youth Coalition to arrange a radio interview to discuss young people’s experiences of transitioning from out-of-home care. This included talking directly to young people with care experiences, alongside the Youth Coalition. Adam and his team took care to ensure the young people felt supported and comfortable, including by pre-recording the interview, identifying key topic areas in advance, protecting the young people’s anonymity, and providing them with an opportunity to review the recording.

Ainslie and Adam’s diligent research, and Adam’s sensitivity and respectful interview skills ensure that young people’s media engagement through them is a positive experience for the young people involved. Additionally, they are commended for their commitment to raising the profile of issues that affect young people with the broader Canberra community.

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