Youth Coalition Staff Acknowledgment Award

A Gender Agenda

A Gender Agenda works with and behalf of intersex, trans and gender diverse people, their friends, families and allies. Through education, advocacy, peer support and professional networks they connect people to each other and build off the wisdom of collective experiences. For over fifteen years, AGA has represented a gold standard of TGD+I support that is unique in Australia.

AGA adopts a collaborative approach in all aspects of their work. They work from a strengths based model and seek to find and build on points of commonality with other sectors and service providers. The continually resource their service with up to date information and knowledge to ensure they are providing the best possible supports to the community. They also have an ability to articulate understandings of sex and gender identity in ways that ensure there is an awareness that these issues are fundamental issues that affect all of us.

With no additional funding for advocacy, AGA is a dedicated advocate for the rights and legal recognition of intersex, trans, and gender diverse people. Despite challenges, they actively engage in protecting and promoting these rights, serving as a vital voice in the ACT.

The Youth Coalition would like to recognise and applaud AGA for their significant role in enhancing the well-being of young people in the ACT. AGA’s tireless efforts go beyond the ordinary, creating a lasting impact and making a positive difference in the Canberra community.

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