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Innovation in Service Delivery Award

360 Initiative – Non-Binary Clothing Line, YWCA Canberra

In 2017, the 360 initiative launched its non-binary clothing line. The idea arose as young people in the YWCA Canberra A-Z Group identified that a common barrier for young people who are gender queer, gender fluid, transqueer or transgender was the limited availability of gender neutral clothing. The young people participating in the project committed to an 8-week program that culminated in a public launch of the clothing line held at the Hyperdome Shopping centre. There were 100 t-shirts given out to LGBTQIA* Youth and Allies.

By wearing the t-shirts and having conversations with others about their meanings, these young people have become leaders within the community in advocating and promoting awareness of issues for LGBTQIA* youth. The young people who participated in the project committed to an 8-week program that taught them about the clothing industry, small business, collaborative practices, financial management, interpersonal skills, design, financial management,  and marketing. The projected created an opportunity for young people to feel empowered through peer support activities and take on leadership roles in creating a stronger supportive community through awareness and education.

The young people who were involved in the 360 Initiative 2017 are planning on developing their own clothing line using the skills and knowledge they gained from the project.

Thanks to the Aids Action Council for a grant which contributed to the success of this program.

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