We need your help to prevent child and youth homelessness in the ACT

During November and December, we are conducting a 2 min survey to assess the level of need in the community.

The survey for children and young people aged 10 – 16 years will help us to better understand what young people need so we can respond appropriately.

We are relying on you – as people who support children and young people – to help us with this research over the last six weeks of 2019. This is a critical opportunity for the ACT youth sector to receive new funding from the ACT Government.

If a child or young person under the age of 16 is homeless in the ACT they are highly vulnerable and at risk of harm, because there are no dedicated accommodation services in the ACT for young people under 16.

The Safe and Connected Youth Project, supported by the ACT Government, aims to prevent child and youth homelessness and improve family functioning. This Project has started to address the gaps in services and supports for children and young people under the age of 16, and is developing a sustainable service model – including working towards establishing a new accommodation service.

When you come into contact with any children and young people aged 10 – 16 years, please remember to assist them with this survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are asking young people aged 10-16 in the ACT to complete the survey. 

The survey asks questions about your living arrangements in the past, so even if you are aged 16 now, it will be helpful for us to understand your experience when you were younger than 16.

This will let us know if you complete the survey more than once, so we don’t accidentally double count you. We won’t be able to identify who you are.

This survey is being conducted by the Youth Coalition of the ACT, the peak body for young people in Canberra. We will not identify you or anyone individually. Your answers will help us to make sure that we create the right kind of service for young people in Canberra.

This can include anyone in a parent or caregiver role in your life – including birth parents, step-parents, foster carers and other caregivers you live with.

These questions apply to all your homes and parents / caregivers.

We know that there is often an overlap between youth homelessness, family conflict and involvement with the police. When we create a new service, we may get referrals from the police and would like to try to support young people to stay safe and out of the justice system.

That’s fine! It is your decision about whether you want to do the survey or not. 

You don’t need to complete the survey more than once, unless you want to. By providing the last three letters of your surname, we will be able to make sure we don’t accidentally double count you; but could potentially see whether there has been a change in your circumstances.