Service Improvement

The Youth Coalition offers a systematic and structured approach to service improvement.​

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Our project staff work with your teams to reflect the value and nature of the work they do, and capture the changes that happen for their clients based on their practice wisdom and experience. We work with programs to develop and clarify a shared understanding of the purpose, activities and intended outcomes of each service. We co-create documentation that will enable ongoing data collection for monitoring and reporting, and, furthermore, allow for a robust evaluation at any point in time at minimal cost.

Our project staff work with participating programs to collaboratively develop and deliver key products: 

1. Program Logic

Clarifying the aims, activities and program theories for each service

2. Outcome measurement process

Identifying outcomes and outcome indicators that demonstrate the identified changes that occur as a result of their work

3. Monitoring & evaluation frameworks

Developing a list of indicators, data sources and activities that enable robust ongoing data collection, which can be used for process and outcome evaluations

4. Procedures and guidelines

building off the program logics to give a more detailed overview of how the service is conducted

Through their work in creating these four products, service teams refine their practice and clarify alignment with the theoretical framework, evidence base and the practice principles that underpin their service provision.

CYFSP Service Improvement Project

A range of services funded under the Child Youth and Family Services Program (ACT Government Community Services Directorate) participated in the CYFSP Service Improvement Project (Stage One) during 2018 – 2019.  In Stage One, 26 services from 16 organisations worked with our team to develop program logics, conduct activity mapping, and identified outcome measurement processes. The report of this project is available here.

Stage Two of the CYFSP Service Improvement project has now commenced. In the initial pilot phase, four programs will work with our team to develop monitoring & evaluation frameworks, and review and develop program procedures and guidelines.

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