A systematic and structured approach to service improvement

Our staff upskill your team to reflect the value and nature of the work you do.

We show you how to capture the changes that happen for your clients, based on practice wisdom and experience. We develop and clarify a shared understanding of the purpose, activities, process and intended outcomes of each of your programs. 

You will learn how to:

We are able to work with individual programs, or groups of programs/services, with the workshops tailored to meet the needs of the participants.  

The program is delivered in a series of four facilitated workshops, with additional work completed by your team between workshops. Time is allocated within the workshops to begin the documentation processes, and our staff are available to provide templates, input and feedback on this work.

A Series of 4 Workshops Focused On:

  1. Program Logics
  2. Outcome Measurement 
  3. Program Guidelines 
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation 

Find out how we can help

If you are interested in our team working with your programs, please contact Hannah Watts at

CYFSP Project Report

In 2018-20, the Youth Coalition worked with 26 services funded by the Child, Youth and Family Services Program in the ACT, delivering workshops 1 & 2.

Outcome Measurement

As part of the Service Improvement Program, we have compiled a list of outcome measurement tools that may be useful for programs working with youth & families. 

Workshop Resources

If you have participated in the Service Improvement Program and would like to access resources from the workshop

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