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Policy Platform

Policy Platform

Policy Platform

The Youth Coalition of the ACT Policy Platform is a collection of living documents, which seek to:

  • Clearly articulate the collective views of members of the Youth Coalition
  • Provide leadership in the youth sector
  • Inform and guide the Youth Coalition in its on-going work
  • Provide information on key issues affecting young people aged 12 – 25 years in the ACT, and those who work with them
  • Identify the Youth Coalition’s commitments to progressing these key areas
  • The Policy Platform strives to maintain currency in an ever changing and complex sector, by engaging in ongoing consultation with members, stakeholders and young people. The Youth Coalition also consults with leading experts and respected professional academics to seek critical feedback on current and future processes

The process for developing the 2013 Policy Platform included:

  • The development of a range of draft policy platforms; based upon new and recent research, and feedback received from members, stakeholders and young people through a range of consultations, surveys and submissions that have occurred in the last two years
  • Broad dissemination of the suite of draft Policy Platforms, inviting feedback from members, stakeholders and young people
  • Targeted consultations on draft Policy Platforms with key stakeholders in the youth and community sectors
  • Specific consultations with young people aged 12 – 25 years to discuss those policy areas identified by young people as being the most important; and,
  • Consulting with respected academic peers to review selected policy platforms

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