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The Youth Coalition provides policy analysis and development relating to a range of social policy and program decisions that affect young people and youth services in the ACT. Our policy work is strongly informed by current evidence and research on youth affairs, workers and services supporting young people in the ACT, and young people aged 12-25.

Key Policy Activities​

ACT Budget

The Youth Coalition participates in the annual ACT Budget process by preparing a submission to the community consultation, providing an analysis of the Budget, appearing at the Estimates hearing, and conducting additional advocacy.

Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility

The Youth Coalition has worked closely with government and community stakeholders to advocate for and work towards raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14. This has included informing the development of service system reforms.

Child, youth and family sector reforms

The Youth Coalition has participated in a range of policy activities, including a Critical Friends Group to the Minister for Children and Families to inform the implementation of the Next Steps for Our Kids Strategy 2022-2030, and support alignment between policy initiatives occurring in relation to care and protection, and the broader CYFSP sector.

Child and youth mental health

The Youth Coalition has worked alongside key stakeholders in the government and community to advocate for and progress a range of initiatives within the child and youth mental health secto

Gambling harm

The Youth Coalition participates in a range of committees, advisory groups and other forums related to reducing gambling harm in the ACT.

Youth Workers in schools

The Youth Coalition worked with the Education Directorate to support and inform the development of new structures and processes to increase supports for school-based youth workers.


The Youth Coalition has participated in and informed ACT Government processes towards commissioning across a range of sub-sectors:

  • Child, youth and family services
  • Mental health
  • Primary youth health
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Next Steps (Out of home care)
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