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The Youth Coalition regularly communicates with support workers, services, the youth sector, young people and government.

Key Communication Activities

Email Networks

The Youth Coalition manages a range of email networks. Between 2022-23, the Youth Coalition sent out 54 eBulletins through our email networks of 1,102 contacts. We use our email networks to disseminate relevant information and promote training, forums and events.

CNCT Directory

Connect is a directory of services created by the Youth Coalition for young people and youth workers in the ACT and surrounding region. It is designed to connect young people to services and be used by those who work with young people. The website has undergone several stages of development and will continue to be further developed. This will assist in finding gaps and additional features that need to be built into the website.


The Youth Coalition has a regular presence in the media in the ACT, often providing comment on issues affecting young people and the youth sector across radio, television and print media.

The Youth Coalition of the ACT
The Youth Coalition of the ACT

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The Youth Coalition of the ACT
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