Clearing the Smoke with Motion Comics

Young people aged 15-19 are invited to take part in a focus group or interview in July, to (1) share their experiences of bushfires, and (2) tell us where they find information about bushfires.

What is the aim of this project?

This project, led by the ANU, is about meeting the unmet information and mental health needs of young people who are affected by bushfires. We want to talk to young people aged between 15 and 19 years, to understand their experience of bushfires. We will ask you about where you look for information on the impact of bushfires on your health and wellbeing, what you want to know, and what questions you found hard to answer with the currently available information. We will also talk about motion comics, and how they might be used to talk about the impact of bushfires on your health and wellbeing.

What does the research involve?

Young people with lived experience of bushfires are invited to take part in a focus group, or an interview. This project will have two focus groups, for now we are focusing on the first one. We are seeking young people with a range of experiences. This may include young people who have experiences of bushfire smoke, and young people with more direct experiences.

Young people will be reimbursed $50 for providing their time. A light dinner will be provided, and we can assist with transport to and from the venue.

The focus group will be held on Tuesday 30 July, from 5:30 – 7pm, at the Youth Coalition (46 Clianthus St, O’Connor).

How do I get involved or find out more?

Read the Participant Information Sheet for more information.
To get involved, complete the online Expression of Interest Form. Your personal information and contact details will not be shared with anyone outside the Youth Coalition, and will only be used for the purposes of organising the focus group. 
For more information, please email

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The Youth Coalition of the ACT

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The Youth Coalition of the ACT
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