Board of Governance

Board of Governance

Board Membership
Sarah Wilson

Vice President
Rebecca Rowland
Sophie Mayer

Kieran Purves

Sharon Casey, Youth Coalition of the ACT

Andrew Babington
Jahin Tanvir
Sean Mullins
Lucy Skelton
Kat Reed
Joel Artup

Our organisational structure is designed to support collaborative and responsive practice, driven by our membership and stakeholders. This includes:
A volunteer Board of Governance consisting of not less than 7 and not more than 9 elected Board members, where elected at the Annual General Meeting, including minimum participation of at least 2 young people on our Board. We rely on the involvement of our members to ensure sound governance and the provision of high quality advice and information. The Board of Governance is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the Youth Coalition. This includes:

  • Establishing guiding principles and policies including the strategic direction of the Youth Coalition
    Delegating responsibility and authority to those who are responsible for enacting the principles and policies and monitor compliance
    Ensuring staff and the Board are held accountable for their performance

Day-to-day decisions are managed by the Executive Director, who is accountable to the Board in respect to these operational matters.

The Youth Coalition Board Aims Statement

The Board of Governance is the guardian of the Youth Coalition of the ACT’s mission and vision — what we plan to achieve, where we want to be and how we plan on getting there. We keep the vision alive by taking a leading role in planning for the future of the Youth Coalition. We look at the directions of the organisation and shape the strategic planning.

We aim to have a Board that is diverse in its membership — with people from a range of backgrounds, with a variety of skills and experiences. We are looking for people who can contribute to the aims and achievements of the Youth Coalition, including people who are interested in gaining experience in governance.

By joining the Youth Coalition Board you contribute to making a difference in the lives of young people all around Canberra. You also gain new knowledge and skills and the inspiration that comes with steering the direction of the peak body for youth affairs in the ACT.

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