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The Youth Coalition provides advocacy and representation through a range of mechanisms, including participating in over 25 committees, networks, advisory and reference groups, and meeting with ACT Ministers, Members of the Legislative Assembly, and ACT Government Directorate representatives.

Committees & Groups

Examples of the committees and groups that the Youth Coalition participate in includes:

  • Next Steps Critical Sector Friends Group
  • Murrumbidgee School Board
  • Commissioning Lived Experience Advisory Panel
  • Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG)
  • JCGRG Industry Strategy Steering Group
  • Joint Pathways & Joint Pathways Executive (homelessness sector meeting)
  • Flexible Education Intake Panel
  • Continuum of Education Support Advisory Group
  • CYFSP Practice Leaders Group
  • CYFSP Agency Directors
  • CYFSP Workforce Development Subcommittee
  • Justice Reform Group
  • OOHC Youth Participation Working Group
  • Safe & Connected Youth Program – Governance Group
  • Network Coordinator Governance Group
  • Network Coordinators and Peaks Meeting
  • Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice
  • MindMap Governance Group
  • MindMap Evaluation Advisory Group
  • Adolescent Ward Working Group
  • Mental Health Service Development Working Group
  • Headspace Canberra and Tuggeranong Consortium
  • MHCC Leadership Committee
  • MyDHR Consumer Experience Committee
  • ACT Peaks Network
  • Murrumbidgee Education & Training Centre Training & Employment Committee
  • Community Clubs Ministerial Advisory Council
  • Gambling and Racing Commission Community of Practice
  • National forums:
  • Australian Youth Affairs Coalition Board
  • Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia: National executive and State and Territory Advisory Network
  • State and Territory Youth Peaks
The Youth Coalition of the ACT
The Youth Coalition of the ACT

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The Youth Coalition of the ACT
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